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1. Hi, I am little bit confused , in the offset on the toyota camry it says H, what is that?
Thanks -Matt

It means high positive offset you should look for wheels with +35 to +55 offset..
2. Hello, I went onto your other site that you're affiliate with and they didn't have the information either. I was wondering if you might know what will fit a 1960 AMC Rambler. I know that the wheel is a 15 inch and that the bolt patern is 5 on 4.50 but I'm needing to know the offset. I have a spare tire with a bunch of numbers but not certain what they mean. If I gave you those numbers could you break it down to me? The 15 I know is the rim size and then there is the 4 1/2 and that's the bolt pattern but then it throws in a 7 x 2 but all together it also has a part number if you were to read the whole thing it's like this 15x41/2K72877E 60 7 x 2. I think the 60 refers to year.

I can't seem to find anything to decode that #, but back in the 60's I believe all the offsets were Low 0 offset. I think it was in the 70's & 80's when manufacturers decided to start playing with different offsets. If it were mine I would measure the wheel's offset myself.
3. I have a 1988 ford bronco and I have some wheels from a 1998 ford expedition. They are close, but they don't fit. Are there any adaptors for this?

I'm sure you can get some on adaptitusa.com. If you want the best price possible you should try to get the adapters off of Ebay.
4. You do not list the specs for a 1975 monte carlo, can you help me?

The 75' Monte Carlo is under the name All mid & full-size RWD 55-88 bolt pattern 5x120.7.
5. I am looking for 2 inch wheel spacers for a 2004 Suzuki 700 Twin Peaks. Do ya'll have anything that will fit this atv? If not do you know who might? I also wanted to confirm that the bolt pattern is 137mm on a 4 bolt pattern.

Trax Motorsports has 2" wheel spacers they're site is www.traxms.com (steel) Onlyatv.com also has them in (steel) Atvonics.com has them in (aluminum). The best deal though is on ebay for $105 (aluminum) from a store called superatv. It looks like your suzuki shares the same bolt pattern as a few CANAM Atv's so don't be surprised if you see your bolt pattern of 4x137mm with CANAM next to it and not Suzuki.
6. Do you have information on the bolt pattern for a 1962 series 62 Cadillac?

7. Why are older vehicles not listed?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we've not listed older models simply because we haven't been presented with a large demand for it yet. Please use the "Contact Us" page to send us your year, make and model and we will add it to our list of requested vehicles.
8. Are their other vehicles with the same bolt pattern as my car?

The easiest way to find this out is to go to my affiliate website www.RimHelp.com and use the "Find Vehicles That Fit Your Wheels" section to search for vehicles with the same bolt pattern as your vehicle.
9. Why are all the bolt patterns listed in metric?

The sizes are all in metric because millimeters are more accurate than inches. We have a chart that shows the metric to inch conversions for each bolt pattern under the Tech Tips section of this site.
10. I'm trying to find out the "offset" of a 1978 chevy monza rwd. I would also like to know if I would need spacers or adapters cause I'm upgrading to 16" rims. If anyone knows please email me and let me know ASAP. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay, your bolt pattern is on my site under Chevrolet and the second row down, below is your info. The "L" means Low offset and you should not need spacers or adapters, adapters are mostly used by people who have wheels with the wrong bolt pattern for their vehicle and spacers are either used by people who have the wrong offset wheels or need their wheels a little further out and away from the vehicle (like a 4x4 truck).
11. When you say the bolt pattern is 5x115. I understand the 5 = 5inches but what is the x 115 ??? I have an old trailer and need tires and rims but its like 1940?

Sorry for the confusion, when you see 5x115 that means: 5 lug and the 115 is the bolt circle (115 millimeters) which is very close to 4.5 inches.
12. I looked up my 1966 ford F-100 2wd in your bolt patterns and was wondering what offset L means thanks? I want to put a set of 22x9.5J rims with an offset of +18, will this fit and will i have a problem dropping the entire truck lower? Any info will help thanks again.

I appologise for the delay, the "L" means Low offset (0 to +15) is the offset you should be looking for in wheels. I would not suggest getting the wheels with the +18 offset, they may sit deeper in the fender than you would want and there is possibility they would rub the inner fender when lowered and cause you to have to notch you inner fender or completly remove it. Hope this helps.
13. Will a 6 lug 2004 chevy silverado fit a 2002 yukon denali 6 lug (22" rims)?

Yes they will fit.
14. I have a set of rims from a 1998 saturn, FLW waggon. 14". Would they fit a 2005 chevy Aveo?

Yes they will fit.
15. Hi I have a 73 Lincoln Mark IV and I wasnt to know if chevy 5 lug will work on it if not what lug pattern off of what will work on my Lincoln?

Your bolt pattern is 5x127mm which is the same as 5x5.00in. Chevrolet uses and has used many different 5 lug patterns over the years and there are a few that will work. I saw at least 4 Chevrolet models Caprice, Astro Van, Full Size Blazers and 1/2 Ton Trucks, just look over the Chevrolet/GMC page on the site and look for the 5x127mm lug pattern with a "L" Low offset.
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